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My name's Allie and I'm 17 years old. Music is my life. Im single. Ask me anything else you want to know!

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jim gordon:dis is fucked up.
everyone else:what??? noooo.
jim gordon:yes.


"We killed him. We’d lose our jobs!"

Um no, Mario Pepper was still trying to stab James and Harvey shot Mario to save James. It’s still justifiable homicide even if he didn’t kill the Waynes


So turns out the actress playing Selina Kyle is 15. ALL THE YOUNG KIDS ARE KILLING IT ON THIS SHOW HOT DAMN.


Again, I’m never opposed to reinterpretations, especially when changing from one medium to another, but making joe chill anything other than a simple mugging I do not like

Ok, Listen up folks. We have a security situation here.

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well it’s about time fred got some character development

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